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Gel polish - Purple Plum - N4Y

Gel polish - Purple Plum - N4Y

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This Gel Polish is a super elegant purple plum color. It's a super beautiful and natural color.

Gel Polish instructions:

  1. Start by applying Base Coat and cure for 30 seconds in a minimum 48w LED lamp.
  2. Apply Gel Polish in thin layers and cure for 30 seconds in a minimum 48w LED lamp.
  3. Finish with No wipe topcoat/Crystal Topcoat.

Removal methods:

A. Start by buffing or lightly filing the gel polish. Gel polish can be dissolved in acetone, wet a Wipe-off pad and place it on the nail, or fill a bowl with acetone and soak your fingers in it. Wait 5-15 minutes depending on how many layers you've applied and how long the product has been on your nails, lightly scrape off the color, if it doesn't come off completely repeat the process.

B. You can advantageously apply 2-3 layers of basecoat and then color, finish with topcoat. By applying multiple layers of basecoat, it's easier to file the product off without filing into your natural nails. Then a new color can be applied.

REMEMBER: Never store UV products in sunlight, if they are exposed to sunlight for just a few seconds, they will be ruined and then unusable. Never do nails outside, never do nails near windows where sunlight can penetrate. Never place your products close to the opening of the LED lamp, not even when you're working with them.

"When you buy our Gel polish, you get a groundbreaking lacquer that contains fewer chemicals without compromising on either quality or durability. You will experience a highly pigmented color that lasts for up to 3-4 weeks. Furthermore, all N4Y gel polishes are gentle on nails and cuticles and free of chemicals such as HEMA, formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutylphthalate (DBP)." NOTE: We strive to make the color as accurate as possible, but the color may vary depending on which screen the color is viewed on.

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